Food Education

The aim of the Luxembourg Food Academy is to promote food education and to make people realise the impact of food choices on our health, community, and environment. The Luxembourg Food Academy will offer food education workshops. The topics will deal with food, nutrition and cooking.


Our past food education workshops:

4 June 2015: Food Label Detective Workshop – in Luxembourgish
The participants received an insight into food labelling and food ingredients.
During 2,5 hours the participants learned more about the mandatory indications on food labels according to EU law, go t to know more about ingredients (f.ex. sugar content) and additives, compared and analysed the ingredient list of conventional and organic processed food products, prepared and tasted home-made ketchup, choco-nut-spread and baby food (potato-carrot-mash).


The workshops can be customized to target individuals, groups, associations, schools or communities.
Furthermore the workshops are suited to be corporate team building activities.
The prevalent language used during the workshops will be Luxembourgish and English, but of course it is also possible to organise costumised workshops in German or French.

If you are interested in a customised food education workshop, please get in touch.






“Food is our common ground, a universal experience.”  – James Beard