Founded in December 2014, the Luxembourg Food Academy is a non-profit organization with the mission to teach and inform people of all ages about food, nutrition and cooking. The aim is to promote food education with a focus on regional, seasonal and sustainable Food.

The Luxembourg Food Academy aspires to become a fun, informative platform that makes people aware of the impact that food choices have on their health, community, and environment.

Who are we?

Isabelle Henschen, President:

Isabelle Henschen has an MSc in ‘food science’ from ETH Zurich in Switzerland, with a major in ‘nutrition and health’. Her favourite dish is her mother’s spaghetti bolognese – childhood memories in a bowl. In 2013, Isabelle travelled around the world for 5 months, mostly interested in the culinary cultures of the different countries she visited. One of her most memorable food moments was ordering “head cheese” as a shared starter with a friend, unaware that what awaited them was anything but a dairy delight. Making the perfect tiramisu is at the top of her to-do list. Her wish to offer others a peek inside the food industry has led to her decision to create an organization dedicated to food education in Luxembourg.





Anne Faber, Vice President:

Anne Faber

Anne Faber is a TV chef and cookbook author, known by most as Anne’s Kitchen. Always planning the next thing that will be on her plate, Anne gets particularly excited by spicy Thai food, sloppy burgers and anything that has rhubarb in it. Whenever she has some free space in her diary, Anne jumps on a plane to eat her way around the world. The first thing she devours when she’s back in Luxembourg is a Rieslingspaschtéit. Anne hopes to inspire others with her contagious passion for all things food.